The Schedule of the mandatory courses take place during the first 3 semester (The master is considered full time during the first year and not online courses are offered yet) combine modules of two or three hours coursework and capstone paper writing and one trimester of internship within public and private organizations engaged in sustainable development.  Please note that the Course Schedule is subject to change A last version of the schedule is provided during the first week of each semester.  

You will be expected to attend about seven (two or three hours lectures) per week during the first year, participate in regular meetings with tutors to discuss work, research in libraries, and write at least one essay a week. The second year, you will have one semester of coursework and a second semester without courses to undertake your intership.  You will be required to submit a thesis related to your internship which will enable you to do a piece of independent research combining practical and theoretical work during your internship period. Then, you are very much in charge of your own timetable, which means that if you are well organised you can easily fit in all the other activities.  Working full time while taking your Master's studies will be extremely challenging. 


Elective Courses

Elective courses allow students to specialise in certain subject areas to either strengthen current skill sets or improve weaker areas. Students can choose from the broad range of disciplines offered at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences and the Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC) at the University ofGeneva. Elective courses are taken during the third semester (Fall).

Participants must complete a total of 15 credits (5 courses aprox.) A sample of the range of course being pursued by current students include the
following: Développement humain, pauvreté et Inégalité - History of global capitalism - Economic integration worldwide : a comparative approach - Health Economics - Business & society - Strategic Management - Change management .